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Sites updated daily

Tech news.
Dilbert comic strip.
User Friendly comic strip
Tech news from Britain
Non Sequitor
Comic strip
Biting the hand that feeds IT
Channel News
Google News
News highlights
News for Nerds. Stuff that matters.
USS Clueless
My friend Steven Den Beste's excellent web log
Toronto Weather
Pretty much what it says...

Articles - Software Design and Tools

Interface Hall of Fame
Things to do and not do in your applications.
Kinder, Gentler HTML Validator
See if your web page is HTML compliant (hint: run this page through it ;-)
IBM's excellent scripting language
Who needs Novell when you have Linux?
Technical Papers
Jim Frost's papers on porting, Unix, and other goodness.


Fielding's DangerFinder
A travel guide to the world's most dangerous places.
Straight Dope
Cecil dispenses wisdom to the teeming masses.
Urban Legends
A friend of a friend told me this...
Urban Legends by Snopes
... and a friend of a friend in San Francisco told me THIS.

News and Current Events

San Jose Mercury
Daily news from Silicon Valley.
Toronto Star
Current events in the Toronto area.
Interesting news and editorials from the computer world.
The Ziff Davis PC oriented magazines (PC Week, MacWorld, etc).

3Com PalmPilot Links

Palm Computing
Home page for the Pilot
Home page for the Visor
Home of Hackmaster and Apphack. If you have a Pilot, you need Hackmaster.
News and reviews of numerous PDAs.
HTML to Pilot
Convert web pages to Pilot DOC files.
PDA Mart
Apps broken down by Comms, Engineering, Medicine, etc.
Daily newspaper articles in Palm DOC format.
O'Reilly PalmPilot Center
David Pogue's definitive books on the Palm organizers.
Links, t-shirts, deals
Press. journals, references, and software archives.
Pilot Library
E-texts out the wazoo.
Lots of new files, top 50 downloads, etc.
Pocket Mirror
Synchronize Pilot with Outlook
Ray's Palm Central
Archive, 50 most recent file list.
Scott's Software
Games, games, games. Home of PocketChess.
Tap This!
Image viewer for the Pilot.
TealEcho, TealDoc, TealGlance, TealPaint, and other excellent applications.
ZD Pilot
Comparisons between the Pilot and WinCE devices.


Excellent command line. Versions available for DOS, OS/2, NT, and Windows 95.
Agent and Free Agent
Terrific news and mail readers (Win32 only).
Bat! mailer
Terrific POP3 email client.
Columbine Bookmark Merge
Converts Opera bookmarks to and from Netscape and IE format (Win32 only).
Port of numerous Unix tools to Win32.
Certainly my favourite editor in the PC world. DOS, OS/2, and Win32 versions.
Mortice Kern
MKS toolkit; make Win32 systems look and act like Unix machines.
The HTML browser to use. Highly recommended. Not multiplatform yet, but they're working on it.
Makers of Object Desktop and other excellent OS/2 products.
Virtual Network Computing
Run Windows 95, NT, or Linux remotely via Java.
Walnut Creek
Excellent source of Linux and other CD products.


Berserkeley, home of Beastie Unix.
Spiritual home for Linux users.
Red Hat
One of the best Linux distributions available.
Unix Guru Universe
"The largest single point unix resource on the net", or so it claims.

Windows NT and Windows 95

O'Reilly's take on Windows 95 and NT, and how to improve them.
NT Internals
How to make NT do what Microsoft says it can't.
Registry Hacks
How to make NT work the way it should. Or at least come close.

Windows CE devices

Casio E-10x Resource
News and resources for users of Casio E-100 and E-105
Microsoft's CE downloads, articles, etc.
What, you don't have Doom for CE installed yet?
Rei's Palm
What does Rei have installed on his machine today?
Thumbs Up!
Makers of StarTap, required (or should be) software for Windows CE
Reviews of hardware and software.
Windows CE Newsgroup FAQ sheet.
WinCE City
Downloads, announcements, news.

Local Toronto/Mississauga Sites

401 Camera
Current traffic conditions on the 401 highway (Toronto).
Toronto Weather
Local weather
Toronto Island Camera
Current traffic in the downtown core.
GO Transit
GO train schedule.
Harbourfront Centre
Current events on the waterfront.
Massey Hall
The grande old dame of Toronto's classical music halls.
City of Mississauga
Princess of Wales
Ed Mirvish's theatre.
All You Need To Know About TO.
Trapeze School
Introduction to trapeze.
Local movie magazine.

Last Update: 11 Jan 2001