Who We Are

Incorporated in 1990, Deus Ex Machina is a one man consulting company that has provided software engineering services in several areas:

Real Time Embedded Control Systems
Train Traffic Schedulers (SCADA, SMC)
Avionics Controllers (EFIS)
Trading Floor Data Feeds
C and C++ programming
UNIX, Windows NT, and OS/2 networking
GUI development
Cross platform development and migration

Who I Am

Name: William R. de Haan

I'm a consultant in the software industry in Toronto, Canada. I've spent more years than I care to admit to working in various areas of systems and applications programming, computer and network security, communications, and software engineering. As is usual with the contracting business, I've been bounced around more times than a ping pong ball in a dryer, so I'm just as happy to hack Solaris code on a Sun box as I am on a PC running OS/2, Windows NT or Linux.

My forté is crossplatform development and migration; more commonly known as "creating solutions for problems that don't exist yet". I've worked extensively with numerous operating systems, helping people migrate applications from machine to machine, from operating system to operating system, and from language to language, all the while maintaining complete bug for bug compatibility.


A Visa or American Express accreditted vendor. I realize that somebody out there is hitting people's credit cards with bogus $20 charges using the name Deus Ex Machina too, but it's not me, I swear! I don't even have an American Express card myself. So please don't bother sending me yet more email about this problem; call either Visa or Amex using the links above. They're aware of the problem, believe me.

Last Update: 11 Jan 2001