What We Do

Web2XML Help design and maintain Web2XML's core XML engine product, work on the Unix side of things; but mostly I just help run the place.
Construction Market Data Developed, maintain and enhance database applications to obtain data from suppliers databases. Built ICMD application programs on the SCO Unix platform. Also set up some networking and training on Windows NT and Linux systems.
Alcatel/SEL Designed and implemented TCP/IP based communications subsystems for Alcatel’s Selnet Management Center, an OS/2 based train traffic controller for the Kuala Lampar LRT2 railway. Built internet based tools to connect SEL's Toronto and Kuala Lampur development efforts.
Bank of Montreal
Wrote real time financial data feed handlers and device drivers to support trading operations.
Migrated the Novell based DR-ONE trading floor to the SunOS based Tradelook platform.
Implemented Tradelook at Harris Bank in Chicago.
Piloted API evaluation project of Micrognosis MIPS, Teknekron TIB, Reuters Triarch/SSL, Market Vision, and Telerate TTS.
Migrated Tradelook feed and application servers to Teknekron TIB.
Ported DR-ONE applications to Reuters Triarch architecture.
Designed and implemented WinDD based solutions to integrate legacy applications on new trading floor.
Integrated Nesbitt Burns trading floor into the Bank of Montreal's trading environment.
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Translated several of CIBC's existing DOS applications to native OS/2 and SOM based PM applications. Planned deployment of 10,000 OS/2 workstations across Canada. Implemented changes to connect new OS/2 applications to CIBC's COINS network.
IBM Canada Designed and implemented specifications and test strategies for IBM's AD/Cycle CODE product. Redesigned OS/2 and PM requirements, as well as the product's thread and memory management schemes to support under OS/2 v2.x.
Litton Systems Canada Display Systems Engineering
Involved in design and implementation of an LED-based cockpit display system. Designed, implemented, tested and integrated a real-time kernel that allows the system to be simulated on an IBM PC while running on an Intel 80186 system.
Designed and partially implemented E2S, a DOD-STD-2167A compliant automated test facility used to generate testbeds for individual EFIS systems. Wrote a Target Description Language (TDL) language processor module which generated C++ output code to produce a testbed customized for MIL-STD-1553B and ARINC 429 based EFIS applications.
Designed and implemented sections of the firmware for Litton's Control Display Unit (CDU), an 80C186 based MIL-STD-1553B bus device used to monitor and modify bus traffic in the F-16 aircraft's onboard flight systems. The CDU complements Litton's Inertial Navigation System (INS) and Navigation Control Units (NCU), as well as controlling the Global Positioning System (GPS).
Designed and wrote LN20 model CDU's user interface, and integrated the system with Litton's proprietary real-time kernel. Devised and implemented a PC hosted CDU simulator.
Converted ethernet link to proNET-80 link in Litton's custom Display Processor (DP). Modified Multibus II based DP to accept Multibus I based proNET communications. through using Intel 8086 iSBC and Intel Link boards between busses, under control of an Ada-controlled Central Services Module (CSM) driver.
Generated control software for a custom 2x2 inch LCD display head, used to analyze visual factors affecting pilots in flight, such as sunlight readability, antialiasing and viewing angle readability. Implemented several antialiasing algorithms (Bresenham, Gaussian, Truncated Trapezoid, and Litton algorithms under NDA). Developed altimeter scenarios, warning and threat annunciator displays, artificial horizons, and many others.
Produced a neurological-visual assessment system in conjunction with the Universities of Waterloo and Guelph. This optical system is used to monitor pilot fatigue under simulated flight conditions.
Emerald City Started port of Emerald City's Nixdorf Unix based office automation flagship product Emerald One to XENIX.
Imperial Oil Canada Converted Imperial's in-house IBM PC based office automation system (WIN). Developed phase II of the system. Redesigned existing system to support customer selected user interfaces. Designed and developed document and diskette management systems. Wrote IRMA coaxial communications interface library for use by Imperial's programming staff. Coded WIN-Profs gateway implementation.
Canadian Pacific Railway Part of team that produced CP's Computerized Manual Block System (CMBS), used to generate track maps of train positions within Canada for train dispatchers. Designed and implemented dispatcher interactive mail system. Also assisted in development of track map displays graphics.

Last Update: 11 Jan 2001